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What Causes Erectile Dysfunction?

Causes of erectile dysfunction high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes obesity, depression, or from a lifestyle that features things like smoking, drinking, drugs, overwork, stress, or anxiety. Often the cause is both psychological and physical.

Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by damaged veins and arteries that constrict the bloods flow to the penis, due to deposits of waste and deteriorated erectile tissue. Another cause could be an injury that has damaged the nerves in the pelvic area.

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Can you do anything to help Erectile Dysfunction?

While taking an erectile dysfunction medication will help you enjoy sex and combat symptoms of erectile dysfunction it won’t treat the underlying causes. Depending on your current lifestyle you may find that you benefit from making changes such as:

If you are overweight then losing weight may improve your general health and sexual function

Alcohol consumption is also known to cause erectile dysfunction, especially if you drink excessively or regularly. Cutting down will help you stay healthy. Please see below for local support groups in Christchurch.

Smoking increases the risk of erectile Dysfunction and is a common cause of cardiovascular problems and Erectile Dysfunction. Quitting smoking can significantly improve your ability to get an erection. Your General Practice Surgery in Christchurch can offer Smoke Stop Clinics.

Is a very common cause of erectile dysfunction. Reducing stress and ensuring that you get sufficient sleep can have a big impact on your sex life if your erectile dysfunction is due to stress. If you need any support please with stress please see below.

Exercising regularly reduces stress and helps maintain a healthy weight and cardiovascular health, which help prevent erectile dysfunction.
If you require any support please refer to the link below.

If you think that you have Erectile Dysfunction you may have high cholesterol or high blood pressure. Please contact your General Practice surgery to discuss this in more detail.

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Side Effects

Side effects The erectile dysfunction medicines Medical Extras offer may cause side effects and if these persist then or cause concern please contact 111 for advice. Side effects can include: Headache, Facial Flushing, blocked nose and sometimes Heartburn.

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