Cystitis TreatmentTreatment

Cystitis Treatment

What Causes Cystitis?

Cystitis is most commonly caused by a bacterial infection, however, it can occur when the bladder is damaged or irritated for another reason. Most infections are thought to occur when normally harmless bacteria enter the bladder via the urethra and start to multiply.

Cystitis can also be caused by damage or irritation to the bladder or urethra.  This can be from friction during sex, chemical irritants in perfumed products or damage caused by a catheter

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More information about Cystitis and its treatment?

Antibiotics are a fast and effective way of treating Cystitis, however, there are some over the counter remedies :

If it’s the first time you have had Cystitis you need to visit your GP for a check up.  They can confirm it’s Cystitis and not something else.  If you have had Cystitis before you can order antibiotics online.

If your Cystitis is more severe than normal then ordering antibiotics is a very good idea to prevent the risk of a more serious kidney infection.

If your Cystitis symptoms are accompanied by feeling very hot, shivering, pain in your kidneys, feeling sick or vomiting then you should see a doctor immediately. 

Antibiotics work by affecting how bacteria grow and multiply.  When taking antibiotics to treat Cystitis you are making it difficult for the bacteria that cause Cystitis to survive helping your body fight off the infection.


You cannot get antibiotics over the counter to treat Cystitis.  However you can take painkillers when your Cystitis is mild to help with the symptoms while your body fights the infection.

Mild Cystitis doesn’t always need antibiotics, drinking plenty of water and taking painkillers will help while your body deals with the infection.

However, if the Cystitis is severe you need antibiotics to prevent the infection spreading to your kidneys.

If your Cystitis is mild then the following will help :

  • Drink 2-3 litres of water a day.
  • Go to the toilet when you need to, don’t hold on!
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol, citrus drinks. and sugary drinks.
  • There is no evidence to show cranberry juice or cranberry extract helps and may in fact irritate the bladder.
  • Get more Vitamin C, ideally in your normal diet.
  • Some people recommend garlic, but this is unproven.
  • Avoid Bicarbonate of Soda, it can be harmful rather than helpful.
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Side Effects

The Cystitis medicines Medical Extras offer may cause side effects and if these persist or cause concern please contact 111 for advice. Side effects can include: Skin rashes, diarrhoea and feeling sick.

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Cystitis Treatment

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